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Welcome to the Young Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy Page...

The Immortal Grimm Brothers

SnowKissed Ebook Cover.jpg
Fairy Tale Retellings With Bite

This isn't your average fairy tale. It's a retelling with a twist, and you won't know up from down until the very end. Each book follows its own tale to conclusion, while the seven book series has an full arc. You can jump into the series in e-book, print, and audiobook!

Wardens of the Raven Court

All Purpose Ebook Cover.jpg
Celtic Mythology and Lore

Sick of Fae who abuse humans and have more sex on the page than anything else? That's why I wrote this series! Steeped with Celtic lore and mythology, the world building is deep and the characters are varied. Intense emotion, wild adventure, and even a few laughs await. Dive in with e-book, print, and audiobook options!

The Extraordinarry Extraterrestrial Love Lives of Doppelgangers

ddd cover.jpg
Quirky Soft Sci-Fi Collaboration

This soft sci-fi collaboration was written with Cryastal Crawford, and we had a blast with it! Alternating POVs will have you laughing and wondering what the mystery is all about! You can find it in e-book, print, and audiobook.

Journey Down

Journey Down Ebook cover.jpg
Sci-Fi Dystopian Space Opera

Firefly fans unite... and fall in love with Journey Gray, our resident Kaylee Frye. With tropes like "it's always been you" and the whole world falling apart (did I mention there are man-eating aliens) what's a girl to do but put her feet up and start a revolution? You can find Journey Down in Kindle Vella, and soon to be in e-book and print!

The Wild

The Wild Ebook Cover.jpg
Christian Allegory & Celtic Lore

Steeped in allegory and sprinkled with Celtic lore, this is a sprawling fantasy with deep world building, massive character arcs, and intense relationships. Alternating POVs give you an in-depth look at all sides of the story. It is currently in pre-order and will be available in e-book, print, and audiobook.

Secret Collaboration

Image by Marko Blažević
Stay Tuned for an Announcement

I've been working with seven other amazing authors on an eight-book series I know you'll love! Stay tuned for more!

Coming Soon
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