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The Secret Author Series

Standard E-Book Cover 6x9.jpg
YA Sweet Romance

A clean, sweet romance series with a little secret admirer mystery beneath. Some books contain difficult material like abuse and death but are handled with care. Character ages range from teen to early twenties. This series is complete with five novels and several side-novellas. It is available in e-books, audiobooks, and print.

The Projects of Life Series

Sweet Multi-Generation Romance

Sweet and funny romance spanning generations! This is a complete trilogy filled with fun characters, drama, and family ties that are sure to make you laugh out loud and swoon at the same time. Character ages range from upper teens to early twenties. The trilogy is available in e-books, audiobooks, and print.

I'm Pretty Sure About That Series

2020 FINAL COVER.jpg
Clean Romantic Comedy

Humor and sweet romance collide in this four-book series that takes place in one high school. Each can be read alone, but it is more fun to build on the friendships in order! The characters are all in their late teens. The full series is available in e-books, audiobooks, and print.

The Demolition Series

The Demolition Project Ebook Cover.jpg
Hard-Hitting Clean Romance

From abuse to abandonment to aging out of foster care, this series tackles many difficult issues with care and patience, illustrating the complex issues some teenagers must face. Character ages are in the upper teens. Due to the sensitive material, these books might be difficult for some readers. The series is not complete, but each book can be read alone. They are available in e-books, audiobooks, and print.

Mattie Bender is a Cereal Killer

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Part mystery, part suspense, part romance, this book has it all. If you like pulling threads together to solve a mystery, this one is for you. The book touches on topics that might be sensitive for some readers, such as death, murder, and bullying (none shown in a positive light.) The book is available in e-book, audiobook, and print.

100 Grand

2020 Front Cover.jpg
A Fictional Memoir with Big Family

A fictional story told as a memoir? Big families and big friendships, interviews, and loads of happily ever afters! This fun ya book has characters that range from mid-teens to mid-twenties, but it's clean for everyone! This book is available in e-book, audiobook, and print.

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