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Put Some Pants on That Kid

Crystal Crawford

Writing well is an outgrowth of thinking well.

Do you dread writing assignments? Do research papers make you want to scream? Does learning high school essay-writing feel like a negative experience?

Welcome to the Put Some Pants on That Kid writing curriculum!

Put Some Pants on That Kid takes a big-picture, practical approach to writing, addressing the why behind the typical expectations for essays and research papers, and providing students the tools they need to understand those larger concepts, master them, and extrapolate them to future writing assignments.

The Put Some Pants on That Kid curriculum is recommended for students at the 9th-12th grade levels, and covers:

-Essay writing (narrative and argumentative/persuasive)
-Research papers & research techniques
-Practical writing (business letters, business emails, resumes, cover letters, and writing in online spaces such as blogs or social media)
-An introduction to citation requirements and formatting for MLA and APA
-and more!

Each topic is covered in-depth, addressing not only expectations and techniques for each style of writing, but also the reasons behind them.

This curriculum teaches students how to think well about their ideas and the words which communicate them, and provides the tools for students to confidently fulfill assignment expectations while still allowing room for creativity and individual expression in their writing.

The Put Some Pants on That Kid curriculum comes in two parts:

The Student Book, which provides the core text for the curriculum, and
The Parent/Teacher Guide, which provides a 32-week schedule, lesson plans, and techniques for parents or teachers who wish to use this handbook as a curriculum for their high schoolers.

The curriculum also includes free access to printable rubrics, handouts, checklists, and other resources for use with the curriculum. These resources are available online and may be printed and copied for you or your students' use as often as needed at no additional cost.

Slap Him With a Fish

Crystal Crawford

Slap Him with a Fish is a crash course in the craft of fiction for beginning to intermediate fiction writers.  


Written by an indie author and writing instructor and made to address often-asked questions from the author’s students and fellow writers, this handbook covers an assortment of writing topics.  Told in a conversational, easily digested format, this book provides an in-depth look at the craft of fiction with a practical-yet-encouraging perspective.


Topics covered include:

  • What Makes a Story “Work”

  • Creating Emotional Impact          

  • The Writing Process       

  • Terminology

  • Genres and Genre Expectations              

  • The True Meaning of Show, Don’t Tell   

  • Backstory and the Iceberg Theory           

  • Significant Detail versus Excess Detail    

  • Writing for an Audience               

  • How Characters, Setting, Plot, and Theme Interconnect               

  • Hooking Your Reader    

  • Crafting Realistic Conflict & Building Story Tension

  • Thematic Threads and Emotional Resonance      

  • Using Description in Your Story 

  • Using Exposition in Your Story   

  • Point of View (POV)      

  • Narrative Style & Authorial Voice             

  • Crafting Strong Dialogue              

  • Making Every Word Count          

  • Worldbuilding   

  • Developing Characters 

  • Plotting & Planning

  • Basic Story Structure     

  • Drafting: Tips for getting started              

  • The Magic of “Flow”      

  • Surviving the Suck          

  • How To Finish That First Draft!  

  • Editing/Rewriting            

  • Tips for Self-Editing        

  • Choosing a Title and Writing a Blurb/Description

  • Publishing Options         

  • And more!

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