The Secret Author Series

The Secret Author Series is a young adult/new adult clean romance series that focuses on hope, love, friendship, family, and overcoming obstacles in life--and one secret author who brings everything together! While the age of the main characters varies from 15-25, the books are appropriate for all ages teen and up! Each book can be read as a stand-alone, or in order as a series.

The Yellow Note, Book One

A pessimist at heart, Conor Hudson feels utterly ordinary in a school filled with obscenely wealthy and freakishly gorgeous students. Her only desire is to blend into the background at Westmore Academy, a school for the intellectually-gifted nestled in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia.


A mysterious note found in her locker one rainy day sparks a journey of self-discovery she never imagined possible. Conor discovers the beauty of self-love, lifelong friendships, and unconventional family bonds with the help of a mysterious note-writer and her two best friends, the fiercely loyal Shay Tucker, and the kind, yet perplexing, Noah Grayson.


It doesn’t take long for Conor to question her view of life, allowing new friends (and even a boyfriend or two) to break down her protective walls. As her circle of friends grows, so does her ability to see herself as others do - anything but ordinary.


When Conor finally discovers the identity of her mysterious pen-pal, she couldn’t be more surprised. When she learns the deeper reason behind the love letters, she is reconnected with two people she thought she had lost forever. After the final piece of the puzzle falls into place, her view of life is changed forever - crazy, beautiful, wonderful life. And it all began with a little yellow note.

The Postcard, Book Two

An introvert to the core, Aria Scott spends her days in the shadow of her more popular sister, Sophia Scott.  The twins are drastically different, and Aria harbors a deep-seated anger with Sophia that began their freshman year of high school and simmered well into senior year.


When Aria receives a postcard from a mysterious author named X on her birthday, she finds herself slowly coming out of her shell and learning there is much more to life than hiding in the shadows of the past. 


With the help of X, Aria goes on a journey that changes her life forever.  Along the way she learns things about herself she never knew, makes a few friends in unusual places, and finds a way to leave the past behind her. Aria gains a new appreciation for the world, and it all began with a little postcard.

The Letter, Book Three

Penelope Scottsdale is faced with a dilemma when her spoiled sister refuses to respond to letters sent to her by a deployed soldier.  Her sister wants nothing to do with the admirer, but Penelope doesn't have it in her heart to break his.


Rather than tell him the truth, she decides to take her sister's place and respond to the letters.  In time, Penelope discovers the truth behind her sister's foul behavior, and her life spirals out of control.  With new and frightening truths around every corner, Penelope finds herself turning to the soldier for advice and comfort.


When the soldier returns home a hero, forcing her to reveal the truth of her identity, she realizes she's in far over her head.  She intended to tell him the truth long before his return, but the truth is so much more complicated than she ever imagined. After all, how do you tell someone you've never met that you've fallen in love with them under a false identity?

The Text Message, Book Four

The text message was clearly meant for her brother, Patrick. There was no way Adam Norcross intended to text Emily Waters—his best friend’s sister, his arch-enemy, his nemesis… Okay, maybe that’s going too far, but Adam never liked Emily, a fact made perfectly clear on the day of Patrick’s funeral.


Emily has a plan for her future. It’s simple—get out of her small hometown and never look back. It’s the only way she knows to escape the onslaught of memories that seem to pop up everywhere she goes. Adam’s plan is a little different—wallow in self-pity, anger, and frustration until he explodes in a sensational display of emotional overload. It’s the only way he knows to cope with his guilt over his best friend’s death.


On the first day of senior year, Emily receives a mysterious text message. At first, she assumes it’s a mistake, but soon, she realizes it was meat for her deceased brother. When the identity of the sender is revealed, the adventure that follows sends Emily into a tailspin she won’t see coming. When the smoke clears, all she is left with are the broken pieces of her life and one echoing question… can you ever really go back home?

The Telegram, Book Five

When cleaning out her recently deceased great-grandmother’s attic, Easton Long discovers a box of telegrams exchanged between her grandmother and a man whose name she has never heard. Reeling after the loss of her beloved family member, a nasty break-up, and the loss of her job, Easton decides to dive deeper into the life of the mysterious man, William.


When Easton discovers William was Nannie’s childhood friend who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor, she cannot resist the urge to see the wreckage for herself. She is drawn to William and his story, one she isn’t sure has been thoroughly told, and soon finds herself on a cross-country road trip with her own childhood friend, Drew Prescott.


While the two set out to reconnect and get over their past issues, they discover much more than they had anticipated. With each step, the mystery deepens… and love grows.

The Journal, Book Six

Coming in 2021

Spin-Off Novellas, Sequels, Prequels & Guides

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