The Projects of Life Series

The Projects of Life series is a young adult/new adult clean romance series that focuses on overcoming obstacles and creating strong friendships and family bonds. The content is clean but does tackle some traumatic topics including suicide, depression, and grief. This series is meant to be read in order and follows more than one generation.

The Love Project, Book One

Wesley Baker is a jaded human being. Giving up on love at the ripe old age of seven, she set her sights on much more obtainable goals for her life. She worked hard and eventually found herself exactly where she wanted to be—Professor Saxton’s Introduction to Modern Psychology course, the first step to becoming a world-renowned psychologist. Getting into Brown University was the hardest thing she had ever done, and the most satisfying. And studying psychology was all she ever wanted to do. Only… not like this.


Certainly not alongside Oliver Williams and not discussing the one thing she knows does not exist—love. Why does the semester project have to be a study on such preposterous things? And why, oh why, does she have to be partnered with him? Oliver’s devil may care attitude, his sarcastic humor, and that darn British accent make Wesley wish he’d walk into traffic—until the day he accidentally does.


Left to complete the project on her own, Wesley soon realizes all she’s been missing. Will she get the chance to tell Oliver, or will her heart forever be broken and alone?

The Hate Project, Book Two

Coming in 2020!

The Friendship Project, Book Three

Coming in 2021!

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