The Immortal Grimm Brothers' 

Guide to Sociopathic Princesses Series

Snow Kissed, Volume One


Eighteen-year-old Calla Benson is like any other normal teenage girl. She has a secret crush on her best friend, likes music and movies, works hard to make good grades, and does her best to stay out of trouble. But once in a blue moon, Calla is anything but normal. There’s a predatory animal lurking inside her, just waiting to rampage through the forest once a year.


One fateful night, Calla comes across something she’s never seen before—someone like her. After a tense meeting in the forest, Calla dives headlong into a fantastical land she never knew existed. She learns things are not always what they seem, and she is farther from normal than she ever imagined.


With the help of her best friends, a pair of quirky brothers, and a family she never knew she had, Calla embarks on a mission to save her people from a treacherous queen. With wolves, witches, deathly secrets, and mysterious lands (and a few confusing boys), Calla’s life is flipped upside down. It’s the stuff fairy tales are made of… because being a teenager wasn’t already difficult enough.

"Sometimes, when you can’t tell the whole truth, you find yourself lying all the time."

Calla Benson

Snow Kissed

"You used to love me when I was a princess."

Sierra Monroe

Ashes to Ashes


"Take the Grimm's Fairytales you read as a child, twist them up, then time warp them into the present day and you have Snow Kissed!! Loved it!" - Pat Z, Amazon

" I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling of the classing Grimm Fairytale. It goes beyond the damsel in distress waiting on the prince to save her trope that is the go-to in the typical story." - Amazon Review

"If you love twisted fairy tales, but wish they had more substance, this is for you. It's a wonderful new take on Snow White. It's well written and read, with wonderful characters. It ends with a tease for the next book, which will be a twist on Cinderella. I can't wait!" - Amazon Reviewer

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All seven books in The Immortal Grimm Brothers' Guide to Sociopathic Princesses are filled to bursting with action, sweet romance,and eventually... a happily ever after... maybe... most likely.

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If you are a fan of fairy tale adaptations but you don't want the same old retelling... If you like paranormal romance, wicked princesses, and worlds that don't quite react the way you'd expect...


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