The Demolition Trilogy

The Demolition Project, Book One

Knox Harris was perfect. He was the perfect student, ultimate best friend, a gifted athlete, and chillingly handsome with a sweetheart streak a mile long. There was absolutely nothing about the boy to hate. Everyone loved him, but Charlotte hated him.

Charlotte Woods was alone. She was nothing but trouble, a criminal, a waste of time. Not a single soul in the world cared about her. In fact, most people wished she would just disappear. She spent her days hiding in the shadows, just trying to survive.

The unfortunate product of a broken foster care system, Charlotte aged-out and hit the streets running on nothing but anger and a bad attitude. Barely able to keep herself alive, Charlotte's anger grew. It threatened to eat her alive, but she refused to go down alone. Charlotte turned her focus to Knox, the one boy who seemed to care about everything and everyone but her. Knox didn't appreciate the amazing life he had, but Charlotte vowed to make him see. She'd show him the hard way as she systematically destroyed everything he held dear.

But when a broken girl sets her sights on destroying an unbreakable boy, she had better be prepared to suffer the consequences. For Charlotte, the consequences just might kill her.


"This book is phenomenal!!! The highs and lows Charlie goes through... It hits the heartstrings and reverberates in your soul!! I hope you add this wonderful story to your TBR list today!!!" - KBowman, Amazon Review


Other books in this trilogy...

Each book in the trilogy focuses on the aging-out process, finding real friendships, building families, and coping with depression, death, and abuse.

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The final book in The Demolition Trilogy is coming in 2022!

Charlotte Woods

"People have a tendency to lie to themselves when they can’t admit the truth."


Knox Harris

"Maybe you’re not all good, but you’re not all bad either, Charlie. And that’s what I like best about you."

Simon Pelletier

"I, Simon Pelletier, thought Georgette St. Peters should take a flying leap off the nearest skyscraper."


If you are a fan of serious YA novels that tackle deep topics with a thread of hope and love...


The themes covered in this trilogy might be difficult for some. While nothing is glorified and each topic is handled with tender love and care, the topics ARE still difficult and include death, foster care, aging out, bullying, and abuse.

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