The Chimney Sweep

A Lighthearted Christmas Novella

Ever wonder how Santa manages to get to all around the world in one night?  Elves, of course!


George Elf is tired of being Santa's helper, but it's the only life he knows. Hundreds of years doing the same job would bore anyone nearly to death, but George would do anything to free himself of the torment.


One Christmas Eve, George is a little too careless and nearly gets his head blown off by a beautiful police detective.


He's never seen a human before, and she thinks she's seeing things. In an adventure the two will never forget, they find magic in unexpected places, and George decides it's time to think about his future. The problem is, George may not have a future at all.


After an innocent kiss, George loses his immortality and is faced with a difficult choice. Will he remain an elf, choose to be human, or disappear forever?


Find out in The Chimney Sweep!

Read an exclusive interview with George Elf below!

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