Where it All Began

Any author will tell you their early writing was a written example of the Black Plague. Truly. My earliest work is cringy at best, horrific at worst, and whenever I think about what I willingly showed the world… I die a little inside.

The first book I ever published was The Yellow Note. It was first posted to Wattpad, where it raked in over three million reads and over fifty thousand comments (those who know the platform know those stats are decent for a first-time writer.) I was so proud of that little story, but over time I realized the writing was sub-par, some of the characters were flat, and the story arc was more than unrealistic. I have since rewritten a little, edited a lot, and published an edition that is cleaner and significantly better than the original.

But here’s the thing… as cringy as that first draft was, I’m still proud of it. I wrote it while grieving the death of a friend, overcoming post-partum depression, and learning how to write engaging stories. All of this combined with the realization (several years later) that God had called me to do this writing thing with all my heart and soul… and yeah… I still love this silly little story.

Then there’s that other thing… the people who love it even though it isn’t perfect. I made some friends who still follow me and talk with me regularly. I influenced people. I received so many messages on Wattpad about how much the book made people smile or laugh or brought them out of depression. That’s the part that always makes me so grateful. Depression? My book? I can’t believe that my book was their lifeline, the thing that made them smile and try just a little longer because, honestly, it was my lifeline, too.

I think every author dreams of touching people that way. Even if I never write another book that hits the same way, I will always have The Yellow Note and those fond memories.

In celebration of seven years as a published writer, I have decided to release a special edition of The Yellow Note. It will be hardcover only with an original cover and new formatting. It will include all of the bonus material from Wattpad along with a BRAND NEW bonus chapter. I will also make signed copies available for those who would like one. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, now is a great time to start. I will post all the information about the special edition release there. I can’t wait to share this new edition with you all!

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