VIP Update

Ok, MJ, your updates have been spotty lately. What's the deal?

I know, I know. I've been AWOL in Vella, the VIP page, and in my blog but I have a good reason... honest! Evernigh is officially edited and uploaded, ready to hit your e-readers on September 22! I'm so excited to get this book in your hands! It's been a long process, and loads of time with writing, editing, working with a cover designer--you know, all the usual stuff but in overdrive, it seemed.

With this new release, I'm doing something fun and unexpected... but you'll have to wait to see what it is.

That said, I finally got chapter ten of Blur the Lines uploaded in Vella. There was a glitch holding it up, so I went ahead and set up chapter eleven, too. I just posted the first chapter of the new VIP book, Anamesis, and I'll have a fresh, new blog post tomorrow evening!

Until then, thanks for reading and following!

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