The VIP Portal is Open!

The what? You heard me, the VIP Portal is open! What is a VIP Portal, MJ? It's great, and my blog subscribers are already members, so they have instant access!

The VIP Portal is not like Patreon... but in some ways it is. It's FREE where my Patreon tiers were not. Why did I decide to offer a free-access page for my members? Because... I can? Okay, that's only part of the reason. The other reason is that I wanted to have everything in one place—my website, newsletters, blog, and early access stuff for my readers. Even an exclusive free download or short story from time to time.

How is it like your Patreon tiers? It's all the same stuff—mostly. There are no merchandise options because I'm not a millionaire and I can't offer free tees to everyone (totally wish I could, though.) Otherwise, it contains all the same content including weekly installments of a rough draft work-in-progress, free printable bookmarks and more, an ask me anything link, first looks at book covers, and so much more.

I hope to add to this page so it can become a great place for us to hang out, share our thoughts on books, and get to know one another! As always, if you have a suggestion or something you would love to see on the VIP Portal, just let me know!

How can you get into this super-secret lair? Just click the link below and sign in using the email address and password you created when signing up for my blog. Forgot that information? Don't worry, there's a password reminder option.

Right now, I am posting chapters from The Fallen, a new young adult paranormal fantasy! The first chapter is up, and I will post new chapters each week on Fridays. I also have exclusive bookmarks from The McConnor & Cunningham Clock Company series, and the Evernigh cover reveal is coming soon! You'll see it before anyone else!

Jump into the VIP Portal HERE

Jump onto the VIP Portal tab, then scroll to the bottom where it says, "Already a member? Log in."

Let me know what you think!

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