The Moral of the Story Is...

Remember that teacher who said the craziest thing? Like, you should be a writer when you grow up? I had that teacher in fifth grade, and he spent a lot of time cultivating my love for reading and writing. But the writing part didn’t stick.

I grew up and did many things—retail, reception, veterinary medicine, environmental management—and then I had my child. My husband and I decided early in my pregnancy that I would stay home to raise our daughter, maybe find a work-from-home job, then homeschool her when she started school. I never imagined that work from home job would be writing. I should have listened to that fifth-grade teacher (sorry, Mr. Engel), and maybe I wouldn’t have hated most of my jobs.

I genuinely love writing. Even if I never sold a single copy of a book, I would still write and publish because I fully believe it (along with mothering) is what God has called me to do. Both are difficult, but both bring me different kinds of joy. Isn’t that the point of life? To serve and create happiness?

In the spirit of spreading joy (or a good laugh at the very least), here is a sample of my earliest writing.

The moral of today’s story? Maybe listen more to the people who see your talents and less to what the rest of the world screams you should do.

And it's illustrated!

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