The Long Weekend

Labor Day weekend is coming up here in the States, so it’s a long weekend. No school on Monday makes me a happy homeschool mama. It means I get to relax and write, enjoy family time, and grill up some end-of-summer yumminess!

But more than that, it means fall is coming. It’s my favorite time of year with its cozy weather, comfort food, and a splendid display of letting it all go (thanks to those glorious hardwoods.) I’m always invigorated by the fall and winter seasons, which is why most of my books take place during that time. I’m not fond of summer, especially here in the sweltering Savanna area. And spring, well, no one enjoys allergy season, except maybe the bees.

Speaking of letting it all go and feeling invigorated… my plans for 2021 have clean blown up in my face. I guess that’s what I get for making plans in the first place, but have you ever set commitments for yourself, and they just didn’t seem to work no matter how hard you tried? Yeah, that’s pretty much been my year. But some great things have come from all those detours, too. I’m grateful for those alternate paths.

For example, I have two new projects. One is an Irish folklore series, Fae-centered, designed as an alternative for A Court of Thorns and Roses. It’s not the same story, of course, but since it’s Fae-inspired and involves loads of world-building, that’s the best comparison. It’s clean, meaning no sex. There is some violence, but it is minimally described to accommodate those who just don’t want to read about blood and gore.

I’ve also started an e-magazine for young adults seeking books with age-appropriate content, just like the book I discussed above! The first quarterly issue should release later this month.

So, I guess overall, I’m not doing so bad even though a few of my series are just fighting me to the bitter end—I’m looking at you, Eiagan! It’s okay, though. I have plans for them, and once my head is back in the game, I’ll finish up her story and dive into the next book in the Aurum trilogy. There’s a lot of fantasy headed your way, but these projects take a long time. I’m paddling like a little ducky right now, but I hope very soon you’ll see the fruits of my labor! (haha… the pun wasn’t intended, but it works!)

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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