So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Fairy tales in space? Clean young adult Fae series? A teen with unparalleled matchmaking abilities? Mysterious things that sneak out of the walls at night? A girl who can see your future just by looking at you? These are just a few of my book and series ideas that I might never get to write if I don’t stop coming up with MORE ideas.

Have you ever stood in an ice cream shop—you know, the kind where you pick your own mix-ins and toppings—and thought… what the… how am I supposed to choose? I always forget I can come back to the shop and end up tackling too many toppings at once, ensuring my stomach hates me and ice cream for at least a week. (PSA… gummy bears and mint chocolate chip are not a good combo… not even a little.)

That’s basically how I feel every time I sit in front of my computer. The ideas are constantly firing (even though some of them wouldn’t make good books… or even short stories.) I always forget I can combine ideas, come back to them later, or even *gasp* let them go. If they come back to me later, then they’re meant to be, right?

I recently had a great conversation with my writing partner and fabulous friend, Crystal Crawford. She reminded me that I should write what draws me the most because those are probably the ones that need to be told right now. I believe her, and I trust her input, but gosh, is it difficult. I’m not sure if I’m the only writer who has this problem but putting ideas aside (or even a series for completion a little later) always brings on so much writer guilt. It’s not like I won’t finish the book or the series. I absolutely will, and probably a lot sooner than I would if I just tried to muscle through it and write even when I’m not feeling it… but still, I get so much guilt.

Right now, I am slowly (at snail’s pace) writing The Eternal Queen, book three in The History of Goranin trilogy. I’ve rewritten the first part of this beast three times, but I think I finally found what will work best, and I feel good about it… but I’m not feeling the writing part. However, there is a secret project I am working on that has all my love right now. It’s better than gummy bears on mint chocolate chip, for sure, but it still makes me look at The Eternal Queen and apologize every single time.

“I’m sorry, my pretties… I’ll come back soon!”

I know, I know. It’s weird to talk to your characters. And I totally don’t. Really… I don’t, but that doesn’t mean I’m not feeling awful about that cliffhanger from book two just waiting to get tied off all nice and neat. Maybe it just needs a little more time to simmer before it’s really ready. And that’s what I want—a fully developed final book in my beloved trilogy. So, maybe writer guilt is a good thing? It keeps me thinking about it while I work on other things, thereby forcing me to make it epic when the time finally comes, right?

I’m gonna keep telling myself that while I leave you with this… I’m doing all I can to bring you epic stories I hope you will love as much as I do!

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