Quarterly Goals: July-September

Sometimes I love writing down my goals. Other times, it’s so frustrating I can’t see straight. This quarter was, unfortunately, the latter. But some good did come from looking back over the last quarter before planning this one—I realized my goals have been a bit too demanding. I absolutely love when everything comes together, and I have surpassed the mark, but when I fall short, I tend to berate myself a little too hard.

That said, I thought I’d take it easy on my poor soul this quarter and make my goals a little more reasonable. Here’s the list, so you will know what to expect!

1. Finish the first draft of The Eternal Queen, The History of Goranin Book Three, and get it to the alpha readers.

2. Complete edits for Evernigh and set up the pre-order link for a fall release

3. Continue posting regular chapters to the VIP page story, The Fallen

4. Continue posting regular episodes in Vella in preparation for its release in July

5. Begin the Blog story (discussed in my newsletter) with monthly updates

6. Continue regular posting on social media

That’s about it for now. The list still looks long, but items 3-5 are spread across the quarter, so they are a little less time-consuming. The beast that is The Eternal Queen is currently kicking my rear end, but I will not lose this battle!! I am at 50K words, which is about a quarter of the way judging by past installments in the series… but… I don’t know. I think this story might take more words to really finish the three-book arc. We shall see.

Until then, I hope you enjoy all the ways you can read my work?

What are the ways, you ask? Have a peek…

1. Join my newsletter for two free books

2. Find all of my e-book and print books at Amazon

3. Find my YA romance in Kindle Unlimited

4. Find my fantasy books in wide distribution through most outlets

5. Follow my blog for the monthly book installment

6. Join my VIP page (by signing up for the blog) to read the weekly installment book on the page

7. Get ready to find my romantic comedies on Kindle Vella

I think that covers it all, but if I think of anything more, I will let you know!

Thanks for following and reading,


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