Despite planning everything to the eleventh degree, I almost always end up going off the rails. This year has been one giant derail after another. Still, those detours have proven to be the best decisions for my writing career and books! I’ve had so many great ideas for new series, Amazon released its new Vella platform, and my VIP page is chugging along. I hadn’t planned for those things in 2021, but here they are!

This quarter is no exception to the rule. I’d planned one thing, but if you’re a writer, you know that even our best-laid plans can go amuck if the characters just don’t want to play along. I had planned to have The Eternal Queen, book three in The History of Goranin Trilogy, complete and released by now. But every time I make some headway, I hit a wall. My writer friends tell me it’s okay, that it just needs some time to simmer. They’re probably right. I want the final installment of Eiagan’s story to shine, so it’s better to let it grow than to force it.

I also hoped to dive into The House of Aurum book two, but it’s still in the planning/idea purge stage. That’s okay. This one needs some careful crafting, too.

But you know what’s flowing? YA ROMCOMS! I have no idea why—maybe my brain needed a break from all that heavy world-building, or perhaps I just needed a laugh, or maybe (probably) my friend swooning over I’m Pretty Sure You’re Gonna Miss Me Ronin McKinsey inspired me to finish that series. Maybe it was all three. So, I’m hammering out the last three books in the first half of the series!

I’m Pretty Sure About That Series is two-part. How? I’m glad you asked. The first five books are told by five unique main characters. The second five books are a second-generation series, each with its own main characters. I’m so excited about it, and I finished book three in less than three weeks! I’m on a roll, and I just started book four this week. I hope to have books 3-5 written, edited, and ready for a rapid release by the end of the quarter.

Hopefully, then, The Eternal Queen will be ready to tell me the rest of her story!

If you'd like to catch up on the I'm Pretty Sure About That Series, you can find it here.

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