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Hi everyone! Some of you have been with me for a while; others are new here! Welcome to all the new website members! I wanted to give everyone an update about the members-only VIP portal and how my blogs work.

I do many different things on my blog, mostly because I’m just not a fan of social media (I’m old, okay? Cut me some slack, haha!) You’ll find some author tips, short stories, behind-the-scenes posts, and a lot more. Soon, I will also use it as a way to update site members about new material on the VIP page! Those updates will be short and sweet, and they will contain the header “Member Updates.”

I want to hear from you, my amazing readers! I have an ask me anything form on the VIP page, so… ask me anything! I’m a pretty open book. I just ask you to be kind, and I will always offer kindness to you.

If you want to see something specific on the page or encounter a technical issue, please drop a comment or an email! I’m open to suggestions since this is a new platform! I want it to be a fun place where you want to go and catch up, maybe get lost for a while!

Right now, I have two chapters of The Fallen, the first book in a young adult paranormal fantasy posted to the page. I will post new chapters each Friday until the series (planned four books) is complete! You’ll also find some downloadable stuff and the cover reveal for Evernigh, an upcoming fantasy trilogy!

If I get enough ask me anything questions, I might make a video response. However, I do want to have a live discussion in the future, so stay tuned for that! (I am not friendly with tech, so I need to research the best way to do that on my platform… suggestions are welcome!)

I think that’s all for now! Happy reading!

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