Have You Heard?

Have you heard? Kindle Vella is FREE from Oct. 5-11 for US residents who have spent at least $50 at Amazon! If you've been hesitant to try this new platform, I totally understand. It's not for everyone, but it can be a lot of fun!

Vella is an episodic storytelling platform. You can think of it like a long-running soap opera where you check in regularly to see what your favorite characters are up to! Story episodes are unlocked with tokens at the rate of one token per 100 words in an episode. So, if an episode is 1500 words, it costs 15 tokens. Token packages vary depending on where you purchase (purchasing through the Kindle app costs more due to app surcharges, so ALWAYS buy them from your PC.) They can be as low as $2.99 for a token package.

Now, what's this about it being FREE? Yep, from Oct. 5-11 (ends at 11:59 pm EST) you can downlaod up to 100 FREE episodes PER DAY! Yes, I said per day! If you have trouble accessing the free page, you might need to log out of your Amazon account, then back in.

Do authors get paid for these free reads? Sort of... we don't get paid royalties for these free reads, but we do make a small bonus when you unlock our episodes so don't feel bad about donwloading as many as your heart desires! Just do us a favor and tap that thumbs up button at the end of each episode once you get the chance to read them. Those little thumbs mean A LOT to us in rankings and pay (because even though it's loads of fun, writing is still a job.) It means you liked our episode, which means better rankings on Amazon.

You know what else means better rankings? Choosing our story as your weekly fave. Each week, you get to give someone a crown! It makes feel all warm and cozy inside when we get them because it means you chose US from all the amazing authors you've read that week. And yep, it also means we get better rankings and exposure.

So, where can you start? I have some suggestions...

Are you a fan of clean paranormal romance? I have a young adult paranormal romance posting weekly! You can find it by clicking on the image below!

Here's a short blurb:

In order to protect the world from chaos, gifted Huntresses and their werewolf sidekicks must fight against evil, but what happens when the battle lines are blurry? When good strays and the darkness sheds light on old lies, these teens must choose sides before it's too late. The balance between life and death rests in their hands, and the stakes have never been higher.

I also have a sweet, clean ya romance that is just now posting weekly. There are three episodes to get started with more coming! If you have read anything in my I'm Pretty Sure About That series, this is book four! You can jump into this series anytime. Each book is a stand-alone story BUT it does include characters from other books, so it might have slight spoilers.

Here are the details:

Hannah Pistolis lives and breathes soccer, and her senior year is tied up with passing her classes and improving her game. Chase Jennings is the new guy with a troubled past. He falls right in with Hannah's friendship group like he was always there, then steals Hannah's heart despite her plans. But things aren't quite what they seem. Chase's brother is a pro soccer player and Hannah's idol, but when Chase falls back into his old ways, Hannah discovers Chase might not be the troubled one.

You can read this one here.

You can also read my writing and life bestie's amazing clean ya fae fantasy by clicking below!

Here's the blurb:

*What if you accidentally save a Fae prince's life?* Ayla knows nothing of LeyGuards, Fae, or the war. She's just trying to survive senior year and navigate a tentative new romance. But as school drama ramps up and Ayla's ailing grandfather worsens, strange things begin to happen. Secrets can't hide forever, especially when they involve Fae.

Still not convinced to dive in for free? I know, I know... I sound like a car salesman at this point, but I really want you to get the most out of your Amazon benefits! For more options, check out my instagram post below! The carosel has loads of great books in a variety of genres!

If you have any questions about Vella, please don't hesitate to contact me! I love inteacting with my readers and helping them navigate all the options available to them! And hey, let me know if you discover some gems while shopping Vella!

Some links are Amazon affiliate links. I make a small commission on items purhcased through these links.

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