Finding inspiration

One of the most frequent questions readers and other authors ask me is, “How do you find inspiration and come up with so many ideas?”

The answer is… everywhere.

But I know that’s the boring answer, so let me tell you about The Cupcake Criminals, the current Patreon adventure read! If you join Patreon, you can watch this novel come to life with rewrites, extended scenes, bonus material, and so much more.

So, how did I find the inspiration for this quirky romantic comedy about a red-headed, high-strung, disaster-in-the-making woman who steals a cupcake van and wreaks havoc all over town (oh, and maybe falls in love at the same time?)

It all started at a red light.

I was stuck in traffic and got caught by yet another red light. In front of me was a Krispie Kreme truck (that’s a doughnut shop if you didn’t know, and if you didn’t, then you must stop everything and go find one. If you don’t have one… I cry for you.) On the back of the truck was a sign like this one:

"No cash on board just fresh doughnuts"

As I sat in red light misery (the third time at the same light), I thought… I’d totally steal that truck just for the doughnuts. That is not a deterrent for a hungry woman. The entire rest of my ride home was filled with wandering monologues about stealing dessert vans, what the logistics of such an operation might look like, and whether it was, in fact, worth it at the end of the day.

The rest is history… or The Cupcake Criminals.

For the record, I don’t actually condone theft of any sort, especially the carjacking of dessert trucks. I mean… I don’t. Really.

Please do not rob donut or cupcake vans, as the outcome will most likely not mirror Abby’s from The Cupcake Criminals. And if you do, and it does, please call me because that’s a story I want to hear. But… it probably won’t, so don’t.***

***My husband made me put the disclaimer so I could not be held accountable for anyone who steals a Krispie Kreme donut truck. Psht, my readers would never do such a thing.

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