Content Ratings: The House of Aurum

I'm back with some more content ratings because I believe it's important for authors to inform their readers. While most of my books would be considered "clean," some contain levels of violence or difficult situations that might be harmful to some readers.

Without further ado... here are the details for The House or Aurum trilogy! For this trilogy, I would rate it PG-13 with explanations below.

Where does this trilogy take place on the world map?

Sexual encounters: Mild kissing, discussions of pregnancy between married couples

Language: There is no traditional cussing, words like “stars above, gracious, etc.” might be used as expletives

Violence: There is moderate violence toward creatures and humans in this series that might be disturbing for some readers

Overall Content: This series deals impending war in a kingdom, an attempted coup, and the death of several people. Overall, mature young adults can read this series.

Premise: This series is about hope, freedom, and doing what is right despite the cost to self.

Author’s Note: In this series, I wanted to show how misunderstandings can bring about dire consequences, that hope and faith can carry you through even the worst of times, and redemption is possible even at your worst.

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