Content Ratings: The Archives of the Ancient Kingdoms Series

Something I have always wondered is why authors don’t score or rate their work. Admittedly, I don’t either, but it DOES make sense to do so for many reasons. It helps readers identify what they are comfortable reading and sets up proper expectations. This can also help authors avoid unnecessarily negative reviews, while protecting readers from content they do not want to read.

While most of my work is appropriate for all ages, some is not. Over the next few weeks, I wanted to help my readers get acquainted with my work (especially since I have so many new blog followers) and set up a standard for future publishing.

So, without further ado, here is this week’s introduction. I’m going to begin with my fantasy books, specifically those that take place in a massive shared world.

This week, I’ll talk about The Archives of the Ancient Kingdoms franchise which is an adult epic fantasy series. So far, the published books are Eiagan’s Winter, The Revenant Queen, and the soon to be released The Eternal Queen. All three take place in Goranin, one of the ancient kingdoms on the map below. The red circle denotes the area where this series takes place. I plan to write additional novels set in the surrounding kingdoms, but the first three are in Goranin.

My rating system will be broken into five parts: sexual encounters, language, violence, overall content, and premise. This series I would rate R (definitly a heavy PG-13), restricted to adults, and I will explain below.

Sexual encounters: Mild kissing, discussions of rape (no sex on or off page, discussion about rape does not describe the encounter itself)

Language: There is no traditional cussing, words like “stars above, gracious, etc.” might be used as expletives

Violence: There is extreme violence toward creatures and humans in this series that might be disturbing for some readers, which garners its R rating.

Overall Content: This series deals with dark and heavy topics such as parental abuse, physical and emotional abuse and manipulation, rape, death, and mental illness. While handled with care, they still exist.

Premise: This series is about repentance, redemption, and hope and exhibits people at their worst and best

Author’s Note: In this series, I wanted to show someone at their absolute worst repenting and finding redemption. Often, it is violent and dark but there are silver linings and light all throughout. Because of the violent content and heavy topics, I do not recommend it for young adult readers (unless prepared) or those who have experienced similar traumas.

For more information about the series, you can check it out on my website by clicking on these awesome character renditions by Meaghan Ward!

If you are interested in ordering the series, you can find it on Amazon by clicking on the covers below (this is an affiliate link, and I receive a small commission on anything purchased using this link):

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