Content Matters: Wardens of the Raven Court

It's time for another content rating for my big fantasy world! This time, we're moving north to the land of Neverknoll and the surrounding kingdoms in The Wardens of the Raven Court series that begins with Dark and Devious.

Despite it's ominous name, the series is still clean meaning no sex or questionable content. For this series, I would rate it PG-13 with explanations below.

Where does this trilogy take place on the world map?

Sexual encounters: Mild kissing, focus is more on emotion than physical aspects

Language: There is no traditional cussing, words like “stars above, gracious, etc.” might be used as expletives

Violence: There is moderate violence toward creatures and humans in this series that might be disturbing for some readers including a graphic murder scene

Overall Content: This series covers all aspects of war between Fae and humans, perceived gods and their underlings, and ancient curses. Overall, mature young adults can read this series.

Premise: This series is about doing what is right despite the cost, learning from your mistakes, and trying to make a better life for those around you.

Author’s Note: In this series, I wanted to take all of those erotic Fae stories and make them truly appropriate for young adults. We all know that the YA group is over exposed to sexual content, and I wanted to create an alternative.

For more information about the series, you can check it out on my website by clicking on these amazing depiction of Roisin by Meaghan Ward!

You can purchase the available books in the series on most ebook platforms, or on Amazon below:

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