Book Review: Wish Upon a Streaming Star


Daisy just wants to graduate high school and save her family's riverside campground. High-school-dropout-turned-YouTube-star Caz needs more subscribers before his sponsor dumps him. They're neighbors and sworn enemies until half-a-million dollars shows up from a mysterious donor who challenges the two to recreate a series of famous movie scenes on live broadcast within 48 hours. The only thing that could jeopardize their prize money is the one challenge they can't control--falling in love.

My Review:

It’s official. I’m a Cazmaniac.

It isn’t often I recommend a book before it’s complete, but I am confident this one will end with a satisfying ahhhh rather than frustration… so here we go.

Once Upon a Streaming Star by Krissi Dallas has captured my attention and heart, as it has many Cazmaniacs! This sweet and fun story about young love—televised, no less—is honest, captivating, and humorous in all the best ways. One of the things I like most about Dallas’s writing is how she manages to present a situation all of us can relate to and resolve it tastefully and with a bit of humor.

Let’s face it. Teenagers (and adults) sometimes find themselves in positions of temptation, but how we manage our thoughts and feelings really matters. Caz and Daisy are definitely experiencing all the feels, not the least of which is guilt over a somewhat strained friendship… oh, and that elephant in the room… THEY ARE COMPLETELY IN LOVE AND ARE BOTH ACTING RIDICULOUS! But it wouldn’t be a YA rom-com without the drama or the obliviousness.

When intense, sensual situations arise, they are well-managed with realistic, innocent, and modest tactics. In fact, I think many parents would appreciate the way Dallas handles these real situations with taste and tact. I believe we are only about halfway through the book on Kindle Vella, but I’m excited for more. Let’s just hope their friends and family don’t shake them both silly before they realize the truth!

The story is a top-faved on Vella, which means it’s popular with readers. This is encouraging given its clean nature and values.

You can find the story here.

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