Book Review: Loving Gavin by Pixie Perkins

How far would you go to keep your crush a secret?

Mckessey Owens is in love with Gavin Miller (aka: her best friend’s older brother). Does anyone know about her feelings for him? HECK. NO. And she doesn’t want them to. So, it’s understandable that she freaks out when her partially written love letter for Gavin falls into the hands of her nemesis, Alex Miller (aka: her best friend’s evil twin). Alex always manages to ruin EVERYTHING and Mckessey isn’t willing to let him sabotage her crush on Gavin, which is why she comes up with a crazy lie instead: she tells Alex the letter is about him. Unfortunately, he’s not convinced and wants her to prove it. Desperate to keep the truth hidden, Mckessey asks to be his girlfriend. And even though it’s very clear that he’s not interested in her—Alex agrees to them becoming a couple, expecting to be right about the whole thing. But it’s only a matter of time until Mckessey finds out that pretending to be in love with one brother while secretly pining over the other brother is no easy task; especially when she has ZERO dating experience and starts realizing that Alex might not be as horrible as she thought…

~Loving Gavin is a hate-to-love/best friend’s brother/one-sided fake relationship/neighbors YA romance. This book has lots of swoony kissing and flirting, but there is no swearing or other explicit content.~

My Review:

This is not the first book I’ve read by Pixie Perkins, and it won’t be the last. This author is the queen of swoonworthy male characters and sweet, innocent romance. I adore Marco from her book The Bah Humbug Bad Boy, but Alex in Loving Gavin… stands a chance at ousting Marco. I’d honestly have to read both books again to decide… which I would not mind at all!

It’s rare to find a YA author whose books I know won’t include gobs of teens in compromising situations, including those that are just beyond the maturity level of most of the YA audience. If my daughter were in the 12-18 range, I would be fine with her reading Perkins’ books. Aside from being clean, they are also realistic and well-written.

In this book, McKessy is in love with Gavin… but no one knows. Goodness, that would be embarrassing! But when Alex (Gavin’s younger brother, who also happens to be McKessy’s best friend’s twin) discovers a love letter she wrote to Gavin, she has to think fast! Naturally, she tells Alex the letter is about him, which he doubts.

I loved how Alex responded to Kessy even though he believed she was lying. He truly cared that he was her first boyfriend, treated her well, and even when things got really rough, he still behaved as a respectable, reasonable, and caring young man. There were a few times I wanted to shake Kessy, but she was confused (I would have been, too, to be honest), and it really came through well on the page!

I loved this book and can’t wait to share more reviews of this author’s books!

You can find the book on pre-order here.

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