Book Review: If It's Perfect, The Wedding Business Series

As always, there might be spoilers.


One thing I learned this week: DO NOT flirt while at a client's wedding. (especially with anyone in a tux)

Success-driven Hope Fletcher has some lofty goals for her life. But is it really too much to want a thriving cake design business by age 29? Marry a perfect (emphasis on the perfect) man by age 30? Then have the kids, dog, and house in suburbia by age 34? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Dean. Wonderful, dreamy Dean who loves kids (and will eventually grow to love dogs) steps into Hope's world. He's the exact type of man she's been looking for and she starts falling. Hard.

But will Hope's perfect image of Dean crumble when she finds out about his past?

A clean, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy that's full of sarcasm and swoons!


You know those books where the plot is quiet and soothing, the drama is low-key but enough to create tension that moves the story, and the resolution is so satisfying you need a cup of cocoa and a kitten to snuggle? That's this book.

Dowell does a great job of including little idiosyncrasies, which make her characters believable instead of cardboard romance cut-outs. Dean was a bit of a doofus who ignored his problems instead of tackling them head-on, while Hope was too quick to judge (who hasn't jumped to a conclusion without so much as a conversation?)

I enjoyed this romcom and read it in one night (though, I did purposely stay up late to do it!) I recommend it for anyone who has a sweet tooth but likes their love stories with a little sass.

Favorite Character: Dean, despite his doofusness

Least Favorite Character: Meh, no one really made me super angry

Language: Clean read

Graphic Violence Rating: None… unless you include how voraciously you will attack the next piece of cake you see

Heat rating: Low – kissing, nothing obscene

Rating: 4/5

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