Book Review: A Forest of Stolen Memories by Callie Thomas

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Celebration turns to disaster when a mysterious curse goes awry. A reminder that the Sorcerer's prophecy still plagued the royal family. Roselyn's memory is suddenly erased, leaving her panicked at the altar. Confused, she flees to the place the prince fears most--the enchanted Mistbrooke Forest. Danger lingers closer than she can imagine, forcing her to seek help from a dark stranger who may be the key to recovering her lost memories. Can she break the curse without breaking her heart?


And they all lived happily ever after... except they don't... or do they? I don't know! I'm still reading episodes while I hang on the edge of my seat. That's the fun thing about Vella books--the anticipation of each new episode! But enough about Vella's format, let's dive into the fantasy fairytale that opens at the wedding, or what was supposed to be the happily ever after.

A Forest of Stolen Memories begins with our MC losing her memory and kind of freaking out about it. Who would blame her? She's getting married and doesn't recognize her future husband or any of their guests. So she runs. While on the run, she enlists the help of Cedrick, a mysterious man who clearly has loads of secrets. Even so, I can't help but love him. Honestly, I think Cedrick is my favorite character in the book despite not knowing much about him in the beginning. The snarky banter between Roselyn and him is on point, and I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit.

As we follow our characters through some odd, mysterious, and utterly cool adventures, more and more of Roselyn's past is revealed. Even so, it's kind of like a slow form of maniacal torture waiting for these two to unravel their conundrurms, and when they do, it's... not so great for either of them. As I anxiously await the next episode, all I can do is hope things turn around for our unlikely duo.

The story is clean (no cussing or sex, no graphic violence) and will appeal to both young adults and adults. The world is rich with magic (talking magical trees anyone?) and the characters have personality and purpose.

If you are seeking a fantasy to sink your teeth into on Vella, this one is a good place to begin!

So far, it's a 5/5 star book!

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