Ancestral Magic in The McConnor Curse

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but at some point, I became my mother. My child did something outrageous, and when I opened my mouth, my mom came out. As my child grows, I find myself saying all sorts of things I swore I would “never say to my child when I’m a mom!” But the truth is, those things she said worked, and now they work on my child.

About the hundredth time I heard myself say, “Don’t make me come in there!” I started to wonder if my grandmother had made those same empty threats to my mother when she was a child. Turns out, she did! That got me thinking… how far back does that threat go?

See, I’ve always been a fan of history—good and bad, because we don’t have a choice if we want the truth, right? It’s that love of ancestral history that drove me to pour hundreds of hours of research into my own genealogy. It’s no surprise if you know me that I’m dripping with Scottish and Irish heritage, but there’s a boatload of German in there too.

When I was elbow deep in piles of census sheets, draft documents, journal entries, and more government paperwork than you can shake a stick at, I learned a lot—I mean, A LOT—that made me cringe. But for every awful thing I found, I also found something redeeming. When I wrote The McConnor Curse, I wanted to bring some of that history into the story.

What started as a Havok prompt gone amuck turned into a revival of some of my favorite stories. When I committed to making the 1000-word flash into a novella, I knew that I wanted to incorporate ancestral magic because, good or bad, my ancestors are a part of me. Their decisions shaped my future, even if they didn’t mean to. I felt that when I wrote Charlotte and Colin, two people paying the price for mistakes their ancestors made.

Charlotte’s family was built around a curse, and so was its magic—even if she doesn’t believe in it at first. The ability that flows in her blood isn’t fully recognized, but as the series progresses, I plan to bring in more of my own family history, with a healthy sprinkle of fantasy, of course!

I hope you enjoy reading The McConnor Curse as much as I enjoyed writing it. Right now, it’s available for pre-order with a release date of May 15! Next week, I’ll dive into why I chose clocks as the catalyst for magic in the series (it’s totally not the reason you suspect and might make me seem like a total weirdo.) Until then, happy reading!

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