A Day in the Life: An Indie Author Update

Today is Saturday… I think, but going by my to-do list, it feels more like the eleventh hour of a twelve-hour workday. Or the eleventh hour before the apocalypse? Who knows, but I’ve been super busy today. Between swim lessons, soccer practice, summer cleaning (which is basically spring cleaning procrastinated,) and a whole load of writing work… I’m tired.

But it was worth it to catch up on everything, including the latest chapter in The Fallen, the VIP member installment novel. It’s coming to a close—only three chapters left… what?!—so I’ll need a little time to edit it, plan the second book in the series, and get the chapters outlined. Don’t worry. You won’t be without VIP access to reading material during that time! I have another novel written and ready to go!

Once the editing for The Fallen is complete, all VIP members will receive a FREE e-book download and downloadable bookmarks! The rough draft will remain on the page for those joining in the future.

You might have noticed another new book—the blog installment book, The Trouble with Thomas! This is a once-a-month installment sent directly to your email through my blog! I’m excited about this series because it’s fun and quirky, but I had to put it on hold while working on some fantasy series. The blog installment was really just a good excuse for bringing these characters to life while I occupied myself with major world-building.

Speaking of world-building… The Eternal Queen is chugging along, albeit at a much slower rate than its predecessors. It is a BEAST of a book with multiple points of view, allowing richer world-building with more in-depth storytelling.

And let’s not forget Evernigh! In the next few weeks, I will set it up for pre-order and begin outlining the second book in the series, The House of Aurum. I can’t wait for you all to read this fantasy! It’s rich with magic, pained romance, and a twist you won’t see coming.

While we’re on the topic of twists… I decided to give Kindle Vella a shot. It’s a new platform on Amazon that should release within the next week. It is an installment reading option direct to your Kindle. Basically, you buy tokens and use them to buy “episodes” of a story. Episodes release at the author’s discretion, but I plan to release two per week. Once Vella opens to readers, I will have one full book available and the first few episodes of another ready to go. Don't worry, I'll send a newsletter once it launches, so you won't miss a thing.

Whew, that’s a lot of planning and prepping, but it is also a wide selection—YA romantic comedy, adult romantic comedy, adult epic fantasy, YA fantasy—so there’s something for everyone!

Now that everyone is updated, I’m going back to tackle the rest of this beastly to-do list. I’d love to hear from you! What blog topics would interest you most? What books are you devouring this summer?

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