A Day in the Life

Sometimes I forget when I’m writing that there’s more to me than just this human who puts words on paper to create a story. Of course, while I’m going about my daily life, I feel like other things—mom, teacher, wife, friend, daughter, sister—but when I sit to write, my mind goes blank, and all I am is a word generator.

Do you ever feel like that? I think everyone does it to a degree, but I actually adore my job, so it never feels like work… until it does. And it’s in those moments I must remind myself I am more than my work.

A typical day for me begins between 6 and 7, depending on what’s on schedule. There’s the breakfast rush with copious amounts of coffee (which is a bit less frazzled when my husband is on shift at the fire department—much easier to feed two than two plus that guy whose stomach is a bottomless pit) and Bible time. Then we dive into homeschool, which can last for an hour or five. Sometimes there are field trips, and other days there are worksheets out the tookiebumpass, and still, other days are online drills, documentaries, and kids learning shows. We like to mix it up, so we don’t get frustrated or bored.

My brain is a little mushy from all the second-grade schooling by lunch, but we recharge and relax a little, spend some time outside, and snuggle. After lunch, I spend about two hours “working” on editing, social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, marketing—all the non-writing parts of my business. For some reason, it’s difficult for me to write my novels during the day, and I write best at night.

We spend the afternoon either outside or in the playroom. Sometimes Daddy plays Barbies with Lily while I clean the house and prep dinner. If he is working, my daughter helps me with those chores. My parents live one neighborhood over, so we get together in the afternoon a few times a week for dinner or playtime with my nephew.

We lead a pretty chill life, which might be why my work self stands out sometimes. Then I’m not so chill, and I’m driven to do, do, do and go, go go! It’s a good thing I have author friends and non-author friends to remind me that it’s a marathon and not a high-speed chase to the finish line.

And when my friends and family don’t quite reach me, God steps in and forces me to slow down. Sometimes it’s an unexpected project, a mental block that slows me down, or even another idea to explore that reminds me I will never really be done with my writing to-do list. I think those times are when I am most like myself, the one I was made to be instead of the one my mind insists I need to be. Sometimes it’s hard to remember when I’m lost in the “typical day,” but it’s always good to take a breath.

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