A Romantic Comedy & Mystery Mash-Up

Ben’s new neighbor is a killer… of his cereal.


Ben Parks is a lover of things, specifically collectibles which cover his bedroom from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Mattie Bender is the new girl in town, and she happens to be Ben’s next-door neighbor.


Ben is none too happy when he first meets Mattie, but he soon learns she’s not so bad, especially when she’s teaching him all the things he never thought he’d learn. Just when Ben decides Mattie could be the girl of his dreams, things start to go sideways.


Before he knows it, Ben is thrust headlong into the shadowy past of Mattie Bender, revealing secrets and horrors he thought only existed in movies. She sucks him into her world, only to leave him floundering in misery when she disappears, leaving a mysterious letter behind.


It’s a race against the clock to find her before she does something stupid in the name of justice. Can Ben save the woman he loves, or will she make a fatal mistake?

Woman Collage

"You have a cool name like Benson, and you go by Ben? What’s wrong with you, Benji?"


Man with Flower Collage

"Why would you go by Mattie when you have a cool name like Matheson?"