Life in Chatswain City

A clean, romantic comedy series available in Kindle Vella

The Cupcake Criminals

Book One

Green Frosting Cupcakes

Abby is one bad day away from a full-on meltdown, so when Lucas--a handsome cupcake delivery guy--shows up at her door with a delivery for the wrong person, she finally snaps. The one-woman wrecking ball wreaks havoc throughout Chatswain City after kidnapping him and stealing his van... but what happens after the crazy ride is over? This fun, quirky romantic comedy is sure to keep you in stitches (and maybe swooning just a little.)

The Cupcake Criminals

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Blur the Lines

Book Two

Classic Camera

Esmeralda Jacobson and her sisters adore their wedding planning business, Truly Madly Love, but when Josephine is diagnosed with breast cancer, they need to find an extra source of income--fast. Esmeralda is a top-notch photographer, so she agrees to a contract with a brand new modeling agency whose goal is to change the face of modeling forever. The catch? She must live in a mansion with the gorgeous male models to complete the month-long shoot. Can she do it, or will she go down in flames?

Blur the Lines