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Welcome to Inspiring Authorship

Inspiring new and young authors to chase their dream!

Inspiring Authorship is a passion project of mine. It started with a desire to flood the market with clean fiction for young adults and grew into a desire to help young and new writers on their path to producing work they can be proud of. As a discovery writer, I get a lot of flack about not planning this way or that way, not following the rules of writing, and so on. I'm here to show new writers that is a valid way to write, and the world's misconceptions about us are what make our stories amazing.

You can follow the Inspiring Authorship Instagram page and keep up with tips, tricks, resources, and blogs!

On this site, you will find resources, printables, blogs, and (soon) courses!

Resources I Use and Recommend

The resources below are used by many authors BUT (and I stress this) you do not need to use them all to be a successful author. Use what works best for you, stick with it, learn it, and utilize it on your journey. I have linked them to the easiest place to purchase, but I DO NOT make any money from sales, nor do I receive any discounts from these platforms. I simply like them, so I recommend them. If I know an author personally, I note it in the description.

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