Ronin McKinsey broke up with Hazel Simmons in the worst way—publicly and with a lot of fanfare—and now she’s on a mission to make sure he realizes what he lost.


Determined to make her ex jealous, Hazel enlists the help of Daniel, a quirky loner who agrees to kiss her right in front of Ronin. Little does Hazel know, Daniel has plans of his own and offers to help her stick it to her ex if she helps him find a date to prom. Hazel quickly learns there’s more to Daniel than meets the eye, and Daniel seems to be just what she needs to get even—or get over—Ronin McKinsey.


With hijinks, hilarious misunderstandings, and drama around every corner, Hazel and Daniel find more than a mutual understanding between them. They find friendship—the kind that lasts forever.


A young adult novel perfect for fans of fake boyfriends, quirky characters, swoonworthy sweetness, and clean romance.

I'm Pretty Sure About That Series

I'm Pretty Sure You're Gonna Miss Me Ronin McKinsey, Book One


Darcy Pistolis

Continue the fun in this second book that can be read on its own or after Ronin McKinsey!

Van St. Claire

Continue the antics with this third book that can be read on its own or after either Darcy Pistolis or Ronin McKinsey!