The House of Aurum, Book One

Elleck Aurum, King of the Autumn Realm and ruler of Evernigh, has spent too much time in battle and wants nothing more than peace in his beloved kingdom. In a time when tensions are high between the four realms, the people of his kingdom are scared and restless. When the Spring and Summer Realm leaders are murdered and winter magic invades the land, Elleck is called to action once again. The longevity of Elleck’s kingdom isn’t his only worry. Troubling dreams—premonitions—invade his sleep, pointing to another war on the horizon and the ultimate death of the woman he loves—a woman who won’t give him the time of day.


Nari Crossway is desperate to save her family’s land from the abominable Autumn King, who has declared all land owned by women shall become royal property. Refusing to let go without a fight, Nari hatches a plan. She’ll dig her claws into the king’s brother, a rascal prince whose interest in Nari might be her saving grace—or the death of her. If the king or the prince discovers her newly developed abilities—the power to wield winter magic—it will be more than her family’s land on the chopping block.


Evernigh’s future hangs in the balance… and there’s only one way to save it. Elleck and Nari must work together or sacrifice the land they both love.

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nari crossway

"I did not come to market to kiss boys with nefarious motives."

Rowan Aurum

"I believe God has given me a perfect match in you, and who is my brother to say God is wrong?"

Franco Ignis

"I say it is a strong man who can fight with ferocity and cry even half as well."

Elleck Aurum

War was a war, and what happened on the battlefield was bottled in a part of Elleck’s heart and mind that he kept darkened, lost to his conscious mind so that he could function as a king—as a human.

The Houses of Evernigh



The Winter Realm



The Spring Realm



The Summer Realm


The Autumn Realm

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