Introducing... Crystal and MJ's Reader/Writer Portal!

I now have a Discord server where you can interact with me in real-time, participate in my online events, and chat with fellow readers!   

I've partnered with my friend and co-author, Crystal Crawford, to create a joint Discord server where we can host online events, chat with our readers, do workshops and info sessions with fellow writers, and more.

​Discord is the perfect platform for me to connect with you better, and also for you to find others who have read my books and may want to chat about them, as well as connecting with fellow readers and writers who share your interests.

As you rank up through the site, you get access to special titles and exclusive, story-themed custom emojis... and there's even a Leaderboard with a special reward for the Top User!

And it's all FREE for you to join and use!

When you join, you'll immediately find a post that will help you sort yourself into channels based on whether you are a reader or a writer (or both), and whether you are interested in interacting with Crystal, me, or both of us!  You will also get access to the channels to interact with your fellow readers and/or writers who join our server.

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