Something dark and devious lurks in the moors around Roisin Dubh’s home, and it’s her duty to stamp it out before it gets its claws into the humans she’s vowed to protect.… even though those humans would kill her on sight if they knew she was Fae.

As a member of the Raven Court of Neverknoll, Roisin is bound by a vow to protect the humans of Gwenlyre from dark Fae at all costs. For her entire life, she’s done her best to blend in with the humans by day and protect them by night. But now, something sinister has entered Gwenlyre, and it will strain Roisin’s vows – and her heart – to their limits.

Finley O’Neill belongs to a human Guild tasked with hunting down Fae and Fae sympathizers…but when he discovers a childhood friend is more than she seems, his allegiance is tested. When a nasty attack tangles Finley deeper into the fray, he must choose his path wisely – one path could make him prey for dark Fae, and the other could end him on the gallows for treason.

When all-out war threatens to destroy everything Roisin and Finley love, they must both choose sides… but in Neverknoll and Gwenlyre, the choices are never black and white.

Wardens of the Raven Court

Dark and Devious, Book One


Other books in the series...

Continue the adventure in 2023 with Bloody and Broken, Book Two.

The Wardens of the Raven Court Series

is a ten-book series that will include prequel novels, sequels, and spin-off installments/