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Welcome to the Adult Mystery and Suspense Page...

My mystery, thriller, and suspense books are free from cussing, sexual innuendo, on-page sexual situations. Some contain graphic violence.

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C. H. Hollis is the pen name for M. J. Padgett's mystery, suspense, and thriller novels. The name holds a cheeky of MJ's romance novels! Calliope Holland Hollis is the main character in Reroute, and she is a mystery and suspense novelist. MJ fell in love with her name and decided to steal it as a pen name--C. H. Hollis. It felt meant to be, so she can't wait to share fun adventures with her readers in this genre!


The Danilova Files Series

A faith-filled mystery/suspense novel with alternating POVs, adventure, redemption, and love that never dies. This book is a completely rewritten version of a book previously published under a different name. While the characters and general plot are the same, this version better reflects the author's personal convictions as well as adding additional perspectives.


The Anamnesis Project

A faith-filled mystery with mulitple points of view, a dreamy feel, and high stakes action that will make you think twice before trusting your instincts. With government conspiracies and cover-ups galore, this stand alone psychological thriller is sure 

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