Archives of the Ancient Kingdoms

The History of Goranin Trilogy

Adult epic fantasy with themes of hope and forgiveness.

Snow Kissed Combo.png

The Immortal Grimm Brothers' Guide to Sociopathic Princesses Series

Clean young adult fairy tale adaptations with a wicked twist!

Love and Aliens Duology

Clean young adult romantic comedy and soft science fiction mash-up in collaboration with Crystal Crawford.


The Demolition Trilogy

Young adult romance that tackles difficult topics such as abuse, adoption, aging out, and death.

The Yellow Note Combo.png

The Secret Author Series

Clean, sweet young adult romance with a touch of mystery.


The Projects of Life Series

Clean, sweet romantic comedy that tackles life's big emotions.

I'm Pretty Sure About That Series

Clean, sweet young adult romantic comedy sure to make you

laugh out loud!


100 Grand

Clean young adult novel told as a fictional memoir.


Mattie Bender is a Cereal Killer

Clean young adult mystery and romantic comedy mash-up.


The Chimney Sweep

A quirky, fun romantic comedy.

The McConnor & Cunningham Clock Company Series

A paranormal mystery and supernatural crime-fighting duo!


The House of Aurum Trilogy

A fantasy novel to be announced soon!

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