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The History of Goranin Trilogy

Eiagan's Winter, Book One


The land of Goranin has survived the rule of the dreaded Allurigard bloodline for centuries. Suffering perpetual winter at the hands of a tyrannical, bloodthirsty queen, the people seek out a savior to restore their land to its former glory. They find one in Moriarian of Varrow. Moriarian makes grand promises, and the people of Goranin invite him in as their new leader.​

Eiagan Allurigard, the feared dragon-riding Winter Queen, wants nothing more than peace and quiet. Her people push her to the edge, stage uprisings, and revolt against her absolute authority. When her immortality is stolen and Moriarian attacks, Eiagan barely escapes her castle alive. With a gaping abdominal wound and nowhere to hide, she seeks out an unlikely ally in her quest to reclaim her throne.

​Moriarian’s promise of salvation is too good to be true, and the people are subjugated to a fate worse than death. As Moriarian ravages her land, Eiagan seeks revenge against him and those who betrayed her. Haunted by memories of her past, Eiagan joins forces with a band of rebels, a healer who believes he can save her blackened soul, and a den of dragon-shifters determined to free the land of oppression once and for all.

​Traitors, a wicked sorcerer, and deadly creatures threaten their survival, but the queen is determined to win back her birthright at all costs—even if it means sacrificing everything.


“Do not watch me sleep or the monsters in my nightmares will suck out your soul and feed it to the dragons.”

Eiagan Allurigard

Eiagan's Winter


“I regret to inform you, you are not nearly as frightening as a mortal woman."

Porvarth, Healer of the Weak

Eiagan's Winter

"You think your heart is tucked away in your chest, dormant and cold, but I assure you it is not."

Noxious the Savage

Eiagan's Winter


“Let me tell you all the reasons I will miss you.”

Hazel the Prognosticator

Eiagan's Winter


"It's been a while since I've read such a book... I was immensely impressed by the writer." - Amazon Reviewer


"Padgett has put together a completely wonderful world. This is not an ordinary tale of myth and magic, sword and sorcery. It is as though she stumbled upon some ancient recipe and in so doing somehow stole the essence of Lewis, Tolkien, and Yong to conceive an aperitif of adventure. " - The Book Dragon

"MJ Padgett has hit ALL emotions known to mankind with this riveting story about betrayal, revenge, and redemption!!" - Amazon Reviewer


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Continue the adventure with the riveting, high-action, fast-paced sequel, The Revenant Queen.

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The final book of the History of Goranin Trilogy is coming in 2021!


If you are a fan of deep worldbuilding, unique and varied characters, otherworldly creatures, and sagas with themes of hope, forgiveness, and perseverance...


The ARCHIVES OF THE ANCIENT KINGDOMS will include many small serials and stand-alone books that encompass the world discovered in this original trilogy.