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Archives of the Ancient Kingdoms

Eigann's Winter.jpg
Intense Epic Fantasy

For fans of Tolkien and Lewis, this series is still a work in progress with one complete trilogy arc. There are scenes of graphic violence (but not gratuitous) but no sex or foul language. If you love deep world building and complex characters, this is the series for you! It is available in e-book, print, and audiobook.

The House of Aurum Trilogy

Final Covere.jpg
Fairytale Feeling, Epic Adventure

While this series has characters in their twenties, it's still clean enough for upper ya. With a fairytale like feeling, seasonal magic, betrayal, love, and mystery, this fantasy series has it all... even pirates! It is available in e-book, print, and audiobook.

The McConnor & Cunningham Clock Co.

Paranormal Sweet Romance

Celtic mythology and lore influence this paranormal, urban fantasy novella series. The romance is sweet and clean, and the monsters are scary. The mystery spans centuries, and the answers are found in the strangest places! Dive into this series in e-book, print, and audiobook!

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