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Life in Chatswain City Series

The Cupcake Criminals Ebook Cover.jpg
Adult Romantic Comedy

A clean adult romance series with quirky characters, outrageous capers, and sweet romance. You can begin the series with any book since they all stand alone. These books are available in e-book, audiobook, and print.

*Fun fact: Chatswain City is the closest (fictional) major city to Duncan, NC, the fictional hometown for Merry Takes Main Street and Life with the Thomas Brothers series! 

Home Sweet Holidays Series

Mistletoe copy.jpg
Clean, Sweet Romance Novellas

Focusing on popular holidays, this novella series begins with Nevermind the Mistletoe, a Christmas-inspired sweet romance. You'll find swoony, masculine men with soft spots for feminine, fun, and loveable women! This series is available in e-book, audiobook, and print.

Unexpected Love Series

Adult Romantic Comedy

A clean romantic comedy series with loads of situational comedy, funny banter, and loveable characters. Unlike the Chatswain City series, this series should be read in order since it has crossover characters. If you love heartwarming stories that make you laugh out loud, this is the series for you!

*Fun Fact: The FMCs from books 1 and 2 are cousins to the brothers in all ten of the Thomas Brothers books! The FMC in book 3 is the adopted daughter of one of the townspeople in Merry Takes Main Street.

Merry Takes Main Street

Ebook Cover.jpg
Adult Romantic Comedy

A prequel to end all prequels... this sweet holiday romance includes second chances, meet cutes, an adorable small town, and winter antics to keep you laughing.

*Fun Fact: The main characters of this novella are the parents of the brothers in The Thomas Brothers. Additionally, there will be a spin-off trilogy in the future that follows side characters from this book.

Dating a Denver Dragon

Adult Sweet Sports Romance

A sweet romance collaboration with Latisha Sexton and Dulcie Dameron, this series focuses on the fictional Denver Dragons hockey team and the women they fall in love with.

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